Our Story

Founded on 5th of February 2019, International-Malaysia Charity Organization (IMCO) is a Malaysian-based Non-Governmental and Non-Profitable Organization.
IMCO aims to focus on the four pillars and those are basic human needs, educational & employability rights, environmental sustainability & wellbeing as well as rural community development.


Spreading kindness globally


IMCO is committed to create charity projects to help those in need across the globe


Pillar 1: Basic Human

Basic human needs include food, water, shelter, clothes and health. IMCO strives to help those who lack in basic human needs to uplift them and to meet those needs.

Pillar 2: Educational & Employability Rights

For children and youth of the world, IMCO aims to dedicate our time into providing education and suitable employment. The importance of education for children and employment for youths are not to be taken lightly, as they are the future of the society.

Pillar 3: Environmental Sustainability & Wellbeing

Nature has given us so much, and in return, we must give back to the Nature. By taking care of it, by cleaning it, by ensuring the Nature can be sustained for hundreds and thousands of years to come.

Pillar 4: Rural Community Development

The efforts via above pillars will be amplified in rural areas, especially locally. It is apparent that rural communities are the ones effected most by lack of basic needs, education and employment.

Current & Past Events